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metal Fine Art by...


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Robert Phillip Jones was born in Freshwater Bay, Isle of Wight, and has lived on the island all his life.


“Isle of Wight Landscapes have formed the basis of my work for some time, and it’s the landscape that has always kept me here.  The Isle of Wight contains a small world within its borders, its scenery varying from low-lying marshland to dizzying cliffs.  There’s an irresistible lure for me in the sight of huge skies lowering over a headland or bay, and in the force of the sea itself.  The challenge lies in representing all of that in paint: I am on the very early stretch of that road – I don’t suppose I shall ever get so far along it as I would like, but, as other painters have discovered, once started, you can’t stop.”


“I hope I can convey some of my feeling for the island to those who visit this site.”